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Friday, January 23, 2009

Nokia N-series 810

Monday, January 19, 2009

Maut Movie (2009)

Last saturday was so boring... so i wit my classmate plan that we go to CS just to watch movie.. My friends said that they want 2 watch Maut a malay movie... For me, i dun care wat movie it is as long as i can watch movie on that day.... Ramai jugak p tgk movie tu, movie baru besalah.... Yang menarik nya cite ni terbahagi kepada 3 bahagian... tak boleh cite lebih, kang tak suspen pulak... Tapi seriuosly movie ni memberi kesedaran yang banyak.. bagi saya movie ni agak mendatar especially episode pertama, pelakonnya macam lemau jeh.... tapi apa yg menarik cite ni dapat menyentuh org dan memberi kesedaran tentang kehidupan di realiti.... although i'm christian, i think that this movie is a universal movie to be watched by everyone... suka scene bahagian neraka...

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Padini Red Stripe Neck Tie

while surveying the crowded padini shop, a simple red stripe white tie caught my attention.. Just one word can explain this tie, simple but exclusive... love to have it one day...but for a moment...BUDGET critical hehe!!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

CNY fever sale at City Square, JB

Today, I went to City Square to find some sweater cause i forget oledi where i put my old sweater during my practical at Kota Tinggi, anyway, i'm so surprise there a lot and a lot of people at there.. i mean there still left one week and few days before cny but the people inside the CS rush like tomorrow is cny... but good also lah, the cny session got a lof of sale... huhu

Friday, January 16, 2009

A tie gift..

A gift from my ex-student, a simple purple necktie that mean a lot for me...Thanks again, really appreciate it.. Peace forever!

Lacoste Polo Shirt

This is an ideal cloth for me, some of it i already bought and now still in process in collecting (too expensive lol) but anyhow.... the cloth size for me is rather big although it is in size M, kind of crazy when we find it and there is no size for us..., tulah maasalahnya baju di malaysia ni, bukan pasal gemuk tak dapat baju tp sebab size bdn kecik dan baju dan dijual semua besar gler...but out of all, i still searching for dark PURPLE colour, when i get the purple, i will complete my collection.....

Monday, January 12, 2009

My Latest Gadget PSP-3006

Perghhh.. had to get 4 dean list baru dapat PSP from my mom! So Tough!.. but nvm, wat matter now, i get the latest PSP 3000 Series in 2009! Thanks MOM!

Bought it at KL...Tie

The box that attract me more compare to the tie...

Sunday, January 11, 2009

White Musk Fragrance For Men

Quit relaxing aroma for man, not really expensive either like other fragrance.. Perfect gift for friends! hehe

Music: Menyesal (Ressa)

Download Menyesal (Ressa) MP3
Lagu yg sangat menyayat hati..... dengarlah kalau tak percaya..

iPod Nano MP3

IPod ni unik sikit, MP3 ni boleh tukar lagu dengan hanya shake jeh, so berita baiklah untuk warga warga yang malas tahap dewa nak tekan butang tukar lagu MP3 hehe... Ah, one more things, tilt or turn iPod nano on its side, and you will listen, watch and even play. You also can flip through your albumart with cover flow. Or, vertically speaking, see more albums and artist at one time...wah hebatnya!! Nak pilih lagu, cari cover album lagu tu eh kat skrin...Canggih siot! Selain letak gambar and main game, boleh jugak tgk movie, TV shows and videos di skrin iPod ni...
Perrrrgggghhhh... Hampir Setaraf ngan PSP 3006 saya jeh, nasiblah takde wifi, kalau tak, confirm menyesal beli PSP!!

Movie Histeria

Congrats to Malaysia especially the entertaiment industry for making horror movie become a trend in this industry...Just a sweet statement to began my comment.. I watch Histeria last week at Jusco Tebrau just to consider many of my friends said the making and the trailer are very grand and bombastik lah n bla bla bla... My gosh, serioulsly, i do not shout at all, I wonder this is a ghost movie or some kind of alien attack from Planet Pluto. Got stories and the actress are okay but my fears of the ghost in this movie compleltly zero!! Anyway, tis movie get around RM2 million, so for me its ok to watch... Still 4bia from Thailand is the best Horror Film ever watch!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Asics Spring 2009 Release Preview

One of the latest shoesfrom Asics, kind of cool rite

McDonald’s sells Prosperity Burger

Knowing that the burger comes once a year, should try it out.. but for me, its quit spicy, not really like it...seriously no offence, its really SPICY and kind of EXPENSIVE to...huhu Can try but don addict if u a smart budget planner.... Ritz