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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Rado Coolest Watches

Rado True

Rado True Jubilé

Volkswagen Concept T

Seen from the front, the concept T is characterized by its V-shaped radiator grille integrated in the bumper, as well as by the eye-like headlights. The headlights "float?between the bumper and the fenders in order to emphasize the off-road character of the car. The fenders themselves have wide cut-outs. The overall effect is that the 19 inch wheels are free-standing.
bak kata perpatah"keretaku tapi org laen yang punya"... u understandlah yah..huhu

Gradient stripe shirt (New Styles)

Very attractive, the jeans too..

Men T-shirt

Apparently, this T-Shirt is look unique for me, and the price also very very unique..huhu

Washing machine combined with toilet flush

Nice combination to save water resources and bills. I wonder: do you have to wash something any time you want to flush? However, it is still an interesting gadget.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Cool pics I get from nets!!

Isnt this pics is so cool!! I found this pics when surfing at net!!

Master Tan Eng Kiat (ITF 7th degree black belt)

One of the top ITF tkd instructor in Malaysia, although my 1st degree black belt was awarded by Master Tan Check Si (8th degree black belt), I still want to train under this master guidance...

Red + White design

Simple (modern) vs Complex (traditional) design


which u think better, simple or complex design??

Style Icon: Justin Timberlake

Dress The Timberlake Way. He no longer favors the hooded sweatshirt under the blazer, and those bleached-out trainers with low-slung jeans are but a figment of his boy-band self. Indeed the man has grown up and sports the best of the best in men’s suiting, but the true element of his new look is the stark white dress shirt in a body-hugging fit, sublime collar and tie that matches the suit jacket. Cutting your hair close and learning to dance won’t hurt either, but to dress like JT you need the shirt -- a shirt like Banana Republic’s pleated-front topper. The shirt still reveals the physique, but also gives you a modern way to dress down formal wear. It’s the perfect way to tell the world you mean business and are ready to be a new man -- JT-style.

Most Expensive Toy Watch Ever

Designed and made by Seiko Instruments, this unique timepiece features a small, rotating earth that makes a full rotation every 24 hours and uses a time zone indicator and orange dot to indicate the minutes. In addition to quartz movement and a 10 year Lithium battery, the watch crystal is made of Hardlex and the watch casing is made from Titanium. Water resistant to 100 meters and ridiculously expensive, this watch is the perfect gift for any evil arch-villain who wants to look down at his or her wrist and exclaim: "Yes, all mine! YOU WILL ALL BE MINE!"

Sunday, November 16, 2008

V-neck (Simple but Attractive)

soft touch knit v-neck, i mean wearing this kind of shirt hanging with friends quit cool...huhu

Calvin Klien Top Necktie

Loved to had it one day in my collection.. Erm, I mean when i marry a rich woman hehe

Nike Store (My fav Place)

PS3 Wireless Keypad

Sony unveiled slimmer and thinner PSP-3000

Friday, November 14, 2008

CK IN2U for Him (for men)

huh, dah... for me not really nice, quit strong and usual only.. but if u feel comfort with it, then its your choice but not me .. different people different taste...ritz

CK ONE summer 2008 edition (Blue Box)

Using this perfumes now, starting from June 2008 until now.. very cool fragrance make me feel comfortable with myself when teaching huhu..
Quotes that i copy from news about this cologne
"In March 2008 CK has launched a new summer edition of CK One Summer unisex fragrance.

It is created by Harry Fremont of Firmenich. It is composed of mint, watermelon, cardamom, cucumber, hedione-extract of jasmine blossom, musk and woodsy accords.

This fresh cocktail of notes comes as EDT in 100ml (3.4 fl.oz.) blue colored bottle.

CK One Summer 2008 is a new fragrance and it was introduced in 2008."

CK One Summer

Huh, used this perfume from Nov 2007- May 2008, very pleasant fragrance, it make you feel calm and cofidence. Try it out huhu

SE Xperia X1 VS HTC Touch Diamond

SE Xperia X1

HTC Touch Diamond

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Nike Diverge Sunglasses

Queen of Langkasuka (Movie)

THE QUEEN OF LANGKASUKA is a period fantasy actioner filled with sea creatures, pirates, magic, and martial arts combat. It stars Lao-Aussie actor Ananda Everingham, martial artist Dan Chupong (DYNAMITE WARRIOR) and Winai Kraibutr (BANG RAJAN). Cant wait to find this DVD, wait it for quit a long time anyway. Love to watch this kind of movie, going back to UTM to find this movie anyway.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Ungu Karmila

Now reading this book during my holiday, first time read a malay thriller novel. Will no write any critics until finish reading it anyway huhu.. wait ah

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Nike Zoom Victory

For those who like training for sprints or marathons like me lah (kononnya lah hehe), the Nike Zoom Victory+ Men's Running Shoe offers extremely lightweight comfort and stability for maximum speed and power.
Upper with Flywire technology for minimal weight and open mesh construction for breathability
Lightweight, full-length Phylon midsole with Zoom Air units in the heel and forefoot for a luxurious ride
BRS 1000 carbon rubber in the heel and modified rubber Waffle outsole in the forefoot for great traction and durability and many more agai. I saw it in al-ikhsan but Petaling Street not known yet huhu(buy the original!!)

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince Movie (July 17, 2009)

Hey guys!! U know what news i get that the Hollywood today with the announcement that the release date for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince has been moved from November 21, 2008 to July 17, 2009. Oh CRAP!! In a statement released this afternoon, Horn attributed the sudden move to the recent industry work stoppage, saying that "we are still feeling the repercussions of the writers' strike, which impacted the readiness of scripts for other films--changing the competitive landscape for 2009 and offering new windows of opportunity that we wanted to take advantage of." The release dates for the two films comprising the franchise's finale, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, currently pegged at 2010 and 2011, will remain unchanged.
Here some pictures of the movie, do enjoy it..wizards and witchs