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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Something about my best friends (Reu Snoppy)

Well, wat to say about this gal(siap bagi warning lagi suh aku sebut pasal dye dlm blog aku, no hal lah hehe )!! Firstly, she is my best friend at high school, kind of exclusive member of RICstJ4 group lah (exclusive keh???)… haha I still remember that day, we called Cynthia si tiang lah keke… eh cite pasal Cynthia pulak… ok ok back to the point, Michele Tang AKA Reu Snoopy become my best friend around form 2 or form 3 oledi, forget lah Michele, aku ingat ivy jak sebab tahi lalat nya hehe.. Full name is Michele Tang … or simply called Reu Snoppy sudah!! we have known each other since we were form 2/3. If I were to describe how she looks, I would say she is kind of pretty kot(kembang lah lubang idung tu dipuji sikit! hehe). She is not very tall but not short either and she is quite slim… she and I are always talking or laughing about something…(gossip lah, tapi aku xminat gossip ni, budak baek sikit hehe). Snoopy has a very nice personality and a wonderful sense of humor but she can also get a little depressed from time to time. I can always count on her to be honest and to give me the best advice.. We pray a lot for each of our friends, that the best part I like about my friendship!! She now studying at UK for biomedicine,still contact by facebook (siap mengutuk aku lagi di facebook!)… I am lucky that we complement each other so well and that we get along so well. I hope that our friendship will continue and be just as strong after we graduate from univ. Hope her wont forget us when abroad, one more things,,, hey Michele, ingat balik Malaysia.. mimpi nak kahwin orang UK pulak budak snoopy ni hehe… Above all, Thanks God cause God given us this friendship. Never forget it!! GBU!!---dh settle...


Anonymous said...

snoopy: eh eleh~ hahhahaa...!!! i'm soooooo touched~!!!!!

i'll start my blog soon & i'll surel mention u...hahhhaaaa..!

TQ ya...adui...ada lah kembang ckit hidung ku~ hahhaa!!!!

Ritz @ Richeal Phil said...

haha no hal lah,, kang kau balik Malayisa jgn lupak pulak bawa awek UK sebiji bagi aku...hehe